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Egyptian Musk Oil: An Ancient & Sacred Aroma

Have you ever heard of a “musk” note in candles and fragrances? It’s been one of our favorite scents for as long as we can remember, but we honestly never knew all that much about it. Upon researching musk for our exciting new Cucumber Melon Collection, we uncovered so much incredible information about this oil that we wanted to share!


Egyptian musk oil is an ancient oil detailed as one of the “Seven Sacred Oils” in the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara, one of the oldest religious writings in the world. Within the texts, this oil is referred to as the “Spleen of Hathor,” after the Egyptian Neter, or deity, Hathor, who embodies the concepts of love, joy, femininity, and fertility. Hathor is associated with the spleen and sacral chakra, also known as the survival center. These spiritual focus points are related to the realm of emotion, sexual desire, and opening the self up to the energies of our true feelings. Due to its connection to passion and lust, musk is actually most famously known for being worn by Cleopatra as perfume that she used to win over and seduce the Roman Empire's Mark Antony.


Because of its important spiritual benefits, musk oil is often used to purify and cleanse energy amid sacred spaces before meditation, yoga, or inner reflection periods. It is also used to enable greater understanding of the feminine and masculine divine connection and the importance of maintaining yin and yang balance. Since musk interacts so strongly with our sacral chakra and yin and yang, it also aids our healing from emotional trauma in the past and present. The aroma is excellent at helping us to pass through fears and embrace self-love and understanding.


In aromatherapy, Egyptian musk oil acts as an aphrodisiac and sedative that calms and balances mind and emotions. It is commonly used in fragrances today to provide relief from anxiety, stress, and nervous irritation. The scent promotes clarity and calmness and helps us feel grounded and secure. Musk is also said to increase sexual drive and desire and ease pregnancy and PMS symptoms.

In skin care, pure musk oil is proven to detoxify, purify, and hydrate our skin, making it highly sought after and an incredible oil for our summer skin routines. It promotes regeneration and reparation of cells that cause conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, leucoderma, and cystic infections. This cell turnover also makes musk perfect for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, burns, superficial scrapes, bites, cuts, and other skin injuries. Cell regeneration is even excellent for increasing elasticity in our skin!

As if there wasn't enough to say about Egyptian musk oil, this ancient remedy also acts as a mild analgesic! Topical application of pure musk oil or cosmetics containing musk can help alleviate aching muscles and joints.


To say the least, we are thoroughly impressed by a natural and presently-used remedy that was discovered so many millennia ago. It's really no surprise anymore that ancient civilizations regarded musk as a sacred entity. After learning about its extraordinary journey through time, we're so excited to be using Egyptian musk oil in our new Cucumber Melon Collection. The aura of Cucumber Melon is truly remarkable at encouraging mental and physical well-being and helping to connect with and balance your emotional center. It absolutely is an iconic aroma perfect for summertime and internal healing.



Co-Owner of Nora Natural Shop

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