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Her Past Inspires Our Future

Meet Honorata, our mother, grandmother, and greatest inspiration. This photo was taken in 1949, when she was a 16-year-old immigrant in England. Looking at her beautiful, serene face, you would never presume the amount of hardship she faced in her lifetime... from surviving mass deportation out of Poland to Siberia at 9 years old, to traveling with her sisters as orphans through the Middle East and Africa for almost 10 years. Through her trauma, she pushed on and created a life that she and many of us could be proud of. She was an incredible sister, mother, grandmother, and friend and an extremely talented seamstress. Her life was consumed by sewing, family, work, and sharing her unique creations with those she loved. In her later years, she became an entrepreneur, designing beautiful crafts and winning awards for her marvelous creativity. When she wasn’t creating, she could be found on her porch with a cup of tea, listening to the birds and sharing endless conversation.

Sadly, we lost Nora to pancreatic cancer in 2008. This woman was our ROCK, teacher, and friend. There will never be enough words to describe what she meant to us, but those who knew her understood her true singularity. Her heart was too big for this world, and we find peace in knowing our spiritual connections with her are more powerful than death.

Since starting our business, we have felt Nora’s presence with us each and every day. If there is anyone who taught us how to think freely, utilize our creativity, and make a positive impact in the lives of others, it was her. We use her name to give this business a more personal sentiment and convey what our work truly means to us. As our greatest influence, who better could represent our brand?

We are a family company at our core and advocates for making the world a better place. One of our main missions for the coming year is to give back by supporting charities that are doing the necessary work to better the world we live in. We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe, accepted, supported, and heard. Each month we will select a product from our shop to sell for charity, and 100% of proceeds from that product will be donated! We plan to support a different cause each month, not only with our monetary donation, but also by educating ourselves on each issue and sharing that information with all our followers.

Nora represents our complete values and we know she is proud of the impact we are trying to make. We are so honored to bring one of the most important women we knew along for the journey!

From our family to yours,